The Control Panel allows you to perform the following actions:

Test Connection

Tests the connection of the configured database(s) by sending the server name, port, username and password to establish a connection to each configured database. To perform this function, the configured user must be an administrator of the SQL server.

Check Version(s)

Determines the version level of the secondary database on the SCS-VR. The database version is displayed in the status window. Newly created databases report as version 0.

Upgrade Version(s)

Automatically enabled if the database is out of date. If selected, this feature upgrades the database to the latest version of the software being installed.

Replicate data

Automatically enabled when configuring a new installation or when upgrading to a new version of SCS-VR. Run Replicate data if the secondary database is empty. If selected, the primary database information will be replicated to the secondary database.

Clear Status Window

Clears the information that displays in the status window (white section in the middle of the screen).


This saves the database configuration to the registry.


Closes the utility and opens the SCS-VR interface.