The SCS-VR Setup Console is used to connect to a database, start SCS-VR as a Windows service, configure accounts into groups, configure the host automation output, and configure message logs.

Menu Bar


Quit the SCS~VR console.


Set the SCS-VR language to either English or Spanish.


Access the help file available in the program directory or view the SCS-VR software version and date code.

Login Menu

Log in as a different user, switch to the default user, or change your password.



Configure the virtual receiver including servers, databases, and backup databases.


Configure server groups. A group consists of several panel accounts sending messages over the same IP and port. Up to 20,000 accounts can be in a group.


Monitor all panels that have communicated with the SCS-VR.


Monitor all incoming and outgoing automation connections to the SCS-VR.

Message Log

Displays the last 200 messages that have been sent to the SCS-VR and stored in the database.

Off Normal Zones

Displays previous Fire, Fire Verify, Burglary, and Supervisory zones that have not been restored. In addition, Supervised accounts that are not communicating properly display here. Each page contains up to 200 messages.


Program users as viewers, limited, or administrator to restrict what users can view, edit, and delete in SCS-VR.